24 Dec 2016

Sudoku challenge | buysellart Sudoku 001


Sudoku challenge - buysellart Sudoku challenge 001

Playing Sudoku is a very good time pass as well as it helps you to improve your memory strength. Now, we have created this buysellart Sudoku challenge series. As, we grow and attract some advertisers, you can play this Suduku challenge and stand a chanc o win attractive prizes. 
  1. Simply choose the blocks from A,B,C or D and choose the block which fits into the missing portion of the sudoku challenge 001.
  2. Comment your answer into our facebook page here, or you can comment directly from this website.
  3. You can comment more than one time.
  4. We will randomly select the winners from the people who had given the correct answer.
Find the misssing block from the Sudoku puzzle below.

 Choose the correct block (A or B or C or D) and commnet your answer in our facebook post.


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