15 Dec 2016

Mobile Phones and Shops

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Mobile Phones and Shops

  • BuySellArt Sub-category Name: Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone Shops
  • BuySellArt Code: bsa-Mobile Phones and Shops
  • BuySellArt Ad Size: 125 Pixels x 125 Pixels
  • BuySellArt Ad Price : S$299.00 (Yearly)
  • BuySellArt AD Type : Yearly subscription
  • BuySellArt AD Format : JPEG, Gif
  • BuySellArt Description: Advertise your products and services with us only at SGD299.00 per year. Choose your ad slot to subscribe and advertise with us under Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone Shops category.
  • BuySellArt Features and Discounts 
    • 14 days free trail
    • Free banner design ( if you don't have one)
    • Free display in Main category page
    • We can create a profesional website for you for additional price of as low as S$199.00
    • Includes a free sponsored post
    • and more
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