31 Dec 2016

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Welcome back to your favourite online portal for free worksheets download. We have officially acquired edusheet.com and from now onwards you can continue to download free PDF worksheets from our website http://www.buy-sell-art.com.Thank you for visiting edusheet.com in the past. For any queries or suggestions to improve this website,  please fill in your message in the Contact form, or you may send your email to us at buysellart.com@gmail.com. We will try to respond as soon as possible. Welcome to buy-sell-art.com (formerly known as edusheet.com) – complete free online resource for free worksheets in PDF format. We now offer free worksheets which can be easily downloaded and printed out. Edusheet will focus on providing quality educational materials- worksheets, activities, workbooks and so on.

We will try our best to improve the quality of this site and quality of our services.At the same time, we would like to receive any queries, suggestions, improvement of this website, UX etc from the users of our resources. Dear students, Teachers & Parents,  Welcome to edusheet for completely free online educational worksheets. We will provide free printable worksheets in PDF format which can be easily opened with any PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader and free to use for personal and classroom learning. We will focus on compiling and uploading quality worksheets which will enhance the kids/ student’s learning process. Currently, we would focus on English, Maths, Activity worksheets. As the time goes by, we will focus on delivering more and more study materials. We will try our best to provide accurate worksheets as much as possible. At the same time kids, students, Teachers and parents are encouraged to give their feedback regarding any queries, suggestions, improvement of this website, UX etc., Our current focus to provide free worksheets under the following categories.

English worksheets: Pre-schools English worksheets, Kindergarten English worksheets, Grade 1/ Primary 1 English worksheets, Grade 2/ Primary 2 English worksheets, Grade 3/ Primary 3 English worksheets, Grade 4/ Primary 4 English worksheets, Grade 5/ Primary 5 English worksheets, Grade 6/ Primary 6 English worksheets. 

Maths worksheets: Pre-schools maths worksheets, Kindergarten maths worksheets, Grade 1/ Primary 1 maths worksheets, Grade 2/ Primary 2 maths worksheets, Grade 3/ Primary 3 maths worksheets, Grade 4/ Primary 4 maths worksheets, Grade 5/ Primary 5 maths worksheets, Grade 6/ Primary 6 maths worksheets, 

3. Activity worksheets: Tracing worksheets, Draw objects and colouring worksheets.

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