31 Dec 2016

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If you have any of the following attributes classified bellow, then this is the right place for you to advertise your car trading/buy sell services at a very low cost. This offer is valid only for the first year. After the first year, promotion the price might go up. So, secure your low-cost advertising space, and grow your business together with us in Singapore.This advertising space is suitable if you have any of the following interests/ attributes which are associated with your business.uy and sell new cars Singapore, used car for sale in Singapore, used cars Singapore price list, used car Singapore direct owner, buy and sell stcars and sgcarmart forum, car loan Singapore.

Cars-buy and sell 

  • BuySellArt Sub-category Name: Cars-buy and sell
  • BuySellArt Code: bsa-Cars-buy and sell
  • BuySellArt Ad Size: 125 Pixels x 125 Pixels
  • BuySellArt Ad Price: S$399.00 (Yearly)
  • BuySellArt AD Type: Yearly subscription
  • BuySellArt AD Format: JPEG, Gif
  • BuySellArt Description: Advertise your products and services with us only at SGD399.00 per year. Choose your ad slot to subscribe and advertise with us under Cars-buy and sell category.
  • BuySellArt Features and Discounts 
    • 14 days free trail
    • Free banner design ( if you don't have one)
    • Free display in Main category page
    • We can create a professional website for you for additional price of as low as S$199.00
    • Includes a free sponsored post
    • and more
Offer: 14 Days Free Trail !! Subscribe now & Pay with PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please send your emails to buysellart.com@gmail.com or visit Advertise With Us page for full details.

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